Amuru District, Uganda

Regenerative Turnaround


Development of Omer Farm commenced in late 2014, and by mid-2017, the arable area under crop cultivation exceeded 2,000 hectares. For 3 consecutive years, ever-increasing operational losses accrued to the point of a $3+ million loss in the 12 months prior to reap’s appointment as managers in August 2017. The keys to the successful turnaround within 18 months and first-time business profitability were: selection of the best-adapted crops for this agro-climatic zone; immediate adoption of controlled traffic farming in combination with no-till (CTF+NT); introduction of legume rotations and multi-species green-manure crops; systematic oversight and control mechanisms to eliminate internal fraud; and much improved operational timeliness across the board.

Challenges Resolved

Engagement Statistics


Dates: Aug 2017 – Feb 2019

Location: Uganda, Amuru District

Land Area: 2,000 ha (4,940 ac)

Köppen Climate: Aw (tropical savannah, wet)

Client Type: private investor group

Service: turnaround through crop diversity & no-till

Production: upland rice, grain sorghum, soybeans, mungbeans (green & black), green-manure cover-crops, chia

Crop Water Source: rainfed (1600 mm p.a.)

Useful Information: bi-modal rainfall for two cropping seasons each year

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