Pandamatenga, Botswana

Strengthening National Food Security


Established in 1998, the primary purpose of Masedi Farms was to lead the introduction of proven rainfed cropping techniques and management from low-rainfall Australian environments to Botswana. The Masedi Farms vision entailed using these techniques and systems to enhance food security by providing the foundation for well-adapted farming systems and reducing reliance on basic staple food imports. For the first four years, farm operational performance generally came well short of expectations, and in 2002, the reap Founders re-located from Australia to assume management control of Masedi Farms. Successful turnaround of this underperforming farm asset to profitability was contingent on addressing a broad array of factors – correctly balanced soils with good fertility management, suitable crop rotations, Controlled Traffic Farming plus No-Till (CTF+NT), excellent operational timeliness, well-informed and trained staff with strong ‘buy-in’ to the farm business objectives and moving up the value-chain to supply directly to grain end-users.

Challenges Resolved

Engagement Statistics


Dates: Oct 2002 – Aug 2006

Location: Botswana, Pandamatenga

Land Area: 4,000 ha (9,885 ac)

Köppen Climate: Bsh (mid-latitude steppe & desert)

Client Type: corporate investor

Service: farm turnaround, farmer training

Production: grain sorghum, mungbeans, chickpeas, sunflowers, soybeans

Crop Water Source: rainfed (500 mm p.a.)

Website: Debswana: Mining Diamonds, Enriching the Nation

Useful Information: Article published in The Namibian

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