reap team members collectively have 100+ years of agricultural work experience on the African continent. Such intimacy with the local context, and familiarity with proven international strategies, allows our team to successfully innovate solutions from within.

Queenslanders living in Africa since 2002

Meet Our Founders


Peter, our founder, is the main driving-force behind reap, ably supported by his wife and co-founder, Lynda. He leads the team—all highly experienced and successful in their particular areas of expertise—who help our clients to surpass their agri-business investment goals.

Peter and Lynda met at the University of Queensland where they both achieved honours degrees in tropical agricultural science, and their 40-year love-story began. From a young age, they were both introduced to the joys of primary production, and relished opportunities to explore unknown lands, which honed their adventurous spirits! Together, they determined to go wherever the need to advance agriculture was most pressing. Subsequently, they happily moved to Botswana in 2002 with their four young children, and reside in Africa today.

Innovating from within for successful African agriculture

Who's on the team?

Peter Schuurs, reap—Founder and Managing Director
Founder + Managing Director—Rehoboth Ag Companies

Peter Schuurs

►Agricultural specialist; strong track-record for turnarounds. ►Leading proponent of best-practice Regenerative Agriculture. ►Highly respected manager, team-builder, and mentor. ►B Agr Sc (Hons Class I), UQ (AU). 🌍 At home in Africa since 2002 (19 years).
Lynda Schuurs, reap Co-founder and Director
Co-founder + Director—Marketing & Communications

Lynda Schuurs

►Specialist education and training. ►Develop and manage social impact engagement initiatives. ►Certified in Nutrition Farming® and Aquaponics™ systems design and management. ►M Ed—Gifted Education, Monash (AU); B Agr Sc (Hons), UQ (AU). 🌍 At home in Africa since 2002 (19 years).
Andy Kigozi, reap team member, procurement and logistics
East Africa Manager—Procurement & Logistics

Andy Kigozi

►Procurement and logistics. ►Local administration—Kampala. ►30 years experience in these fields. ►Qualified motor mechanic. ►High level of integrity and client-focus. 🌍 Born and raised in Uganda.
Jon McLea—Regional Specialisr
Regional Specialist Advisor—Sub-Saharan Africa

Jon McLea

►20 years experience throughout diverse agricultural value-chains. ►Technical advisor on multiple out-grower schemes. ►Management of large-scale farming ventures in Africa. ►M Agr Sc—Land Use Planning, UP (ZA); IDOPMT, MPOB (MY). 🌍 Born and raised in Republic of South Africa.
Operations Manager—Republic of South Sudan

Klaas Becker

►3 decades of diverse on-farm operations management experience. ►10 years building construction contractor. ►Countries: Republic of South Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ireland. ►Dip Ag & Dairy Sc, Gurteen Ag College (IE). 🌍 Born in Netherlands; raised on an Irish farm; at home in Africa since 2012.
Operations Manager—Mozambique

Charles Barratt

►40 years on-site farming operations management experience. ►Strong analytical skills for diverse crop and livestock enterprises. ►Countries: Republic of South Africa, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Sudan. ►Dip Ag, Cedara (ZA); Bus Mgt, UNISA (ZA) 🌍 Born and raised in Republic of South Africa.
Professional Associates

Independent Partners


reap partner with a number of firms who operate in an ethical and accountable manner. Through our synergistic business relationships, we accelerate processes to achieve our compatible objectives. These include, raising productivity in the primary industries sector through regenerative agriculture, sustainable processing and value-addition, while supporting rural development in East Africa through economic empowerment.

Technical Partners