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We Offer

Tailored investment portfolios in African agriculture and agribusiness sectors.
Technical and financial due diligence for potential asset acquisitions.
Determination of capex requirements and phasing for planned developments.
Financial modelling, including expected EBITDA returns, NPV and IRR calculations for potential investments.
Implementation of effective management control systems for informed decision-making.
Strategic organisation for agribusinesses, with bespoke technical inputs to optimise productivity and value-chain benefit.
Restoration of degraded landscapes into productive biological assets through regenerative soil management principles.
Well-adapted agricultural production systems, adopting the latest in Smart Farming.
Provision of comprehensive procurement and logistics support to operational locations throughout the region.
Impact investments, CSR, speaking engagements, technical studies.
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Honest Homegrown Help


reap is an agricultural investment partner based in East Africa. We provide our clients with management, consulting, and proven training. We tailor our services precisely to your needs and specialise in delivering innovative triple bottom line outcomes in the African context. reap understands the physical, sociological, and agribusiness dynamics that come with operating in African countries and, although we confront many obstacles to our integrity in this region, we remain committed to the highest standards in personal and professional ethics.

Our work is grounded in scientific rigour and critical thinking to provide prosperous solutions to failed traditional and conventional agricultural production systems. A well-known phrase states that the definition of insanity is “to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. The paradigm-shift at the heart of reap is to move away from the prevailing land management ‘insanity’ to a system rooted in regenerative agriculture.

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Principal Services


Agri-sector Investment Strategy

Bespoke investment portfolios and wholistic agri-business development strategies tailored to your objectives.

Turnaround Management Specialists

With two decades specialising in turnaround management in Africa, our track record speaks for itself.

Thorough Due Diligence

Comprehensive technical and financial DD is the cornerstone for successful agri-sector investment.

Community Impact and Training

Localised training integrated with community empowerment ensures a win-win outcome for all stakeholders