Unity State, South Sudan

Frontier First Agriculture


With abundant sunshine, ample and timely rainfall, and large swathes of fertile soils, this country provides all the physical resources required for successful crop production at scale. Experienced management and strong capital support were brought to bear; however, the lack of adequate internal transport infrastructure remained a critical constraint. Despite this, a well-resourced and successful large-scale cropping enterprise was developed over the 4 years period until the outbreak of civil hostilities resulted in the sudden cessation of long-term operations of Concord Agriculture.

Challenges Resolved

Engagement Statistics


Dates: May 2009 – Mar 2014

Location: South Sudan, Unity State

Land Area: 4,000 ha (9,885 ac) developed of 100,000 ha lease

Köppen Climate: Bsh (mid-latitude steppe & desert)

Client Type: corporate investor

Service: greenfields development

Production: maize, grain sorghum, sunflowers, soybeans, chickpeas, rainfed rice

Crop Water Source: rainfed (900 mm p.a.)

Website: Qalaa Holdings

Useful Information: supplementary dry-season irrigation from captured & stored rainfall run-off

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