Balonne Shire, Queensland, AU

Group Power


In a remote rural location without ready access to Government agricultural extension support, a group of farmers came together to form the Balonne Management Group (BMG), with the specific goal of self-funding their own farm management advisory services, targeted to both group-level and individual farmer requirements. In turn, BMG sought-out the reap Founders as their service provider of choice. The power of the BMG group ensured significantly enhanced bottom-line results for farmer members – cheaper farming inputs, aggregated production for better sales outcomes, tailored technical advice for each farmer, and identification of locally-adapted management practices.

Challenges Resolved

Engagement Statistics


Dates: Jul 1989 – Oct 1995

Location: Australia, St George

Land Area: 155,000 ha (383,000 ac)

Köppen Climate: Bsh (mid-latitude steppe & desert)

Client Type: farmer co-operative (25 members)

Service: management advisory services

Production: wheat, barley, chickpeas, cotton, soybeans, mungbeans, grain sorghum, sheep meats, wool, beef cattle

Crop Water Source: rainfed (450 mm p.a.) & irrigation

Useful Information: farm areas ranging from 2,500 ha up to 20,000 ha

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